The national network of non-governmental organisations for an inclusive information society (Mreža NVO-VID; eng. Network NVO-VID) is a professional and sustainable reference point of civil society aiming to empower NGOs by using digital technologies and to contribute to quality of people’s life in information society.

Network NVO-VID presentation (pdf)

Network NVO-VID is NGO issue network working towards an inclusive information society in Slovenia. The network connects 32 NGOs at the national level which are aiming to empower NGOs by means of digital transformation and to contribute to quality of people’s life in information society. Main activities of the network include policy advocacy for human centered digitalisation, rising awareness and capacity building for digital inclusion, competences and literacy, open government & data, free/libre and open source software, internet governance and democratic e-participation.

The main activities of Network NVO-VID enabling environment for digital transformation of NGOs include:

  • strengthening capacity and visibility of non-governmental organisations;
  • networking and development of NGOs sector;
  • analysis and best practice transfer;
  • usage and development of new services;
  • influencing public policies and legislation;
  • rising awareness about opportunities and challenges of information society;
  • software and on-line services information;
  • video content production;
  • collaboration with other sectors and media.

Main policy topics in focus of the network are:

  • digital inclusion;
  • digital competences (skills) and literacy;
  • digital transformation of the NGO sector
  • free/libre and open source software;
  • internet governance;
  • open government & data;
  • democratic e-participation.

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+386 41 365 529 (mag. Simon Delakorda, Head of Networking and Advocacy)

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